Why is The University of Chicago asking people to turn a blind eye to Chicago’s horrific violence? Offering $500 to campus tour guides to lie is shameful!


Heartbroken families living in this part of Chicago are IGNORED by everyoneĀ ā‡“


One lie after lie with the Clintons. Big Media REFUSES to tell Americans the truth! Our very own FBI is caught in Hillary’s web of lies. And now POTUS & First Lady lies for her too! Enough with the lies! Americans demand the truth!

Today, Michelle Obama lies for Hillary Clinton!

Haitian Americans want to tell the world about the Clintons. They want the world to know Clintons RAPED Haiti. But Big Media IGNORES them. Shameful Politics!


Brave ‘Rape Survivors’ want to tell the world about the Clintons. But Big media IGNORES them! Alicia Machado’s story and Ken Bone’s red sweater are more important to Big Media than the heartbreaking story of brave ‘Rape Survivors’ – Shameful politics!

“Why don’t y’all ask Bill Clinton that? Go Ahead, ask Hillary as well.” — Paula Jones

Homelessness is another issue IGNORED by politicians. However, one compassionate 10-year old boy isn’t ignoring the homeless, and he is doing his best to help them. Bravo young man! You are a hero!

Report: Housing program helps Michigan decrease homelessness by 6%, According to Michigan Radio, by Michael Schramm, September 22, 2016.

NOTE: According to a 2015 report by Ending Homelessness in Michigan there areĀ 69,163 homeless residents in Michigan.

There are so many other ways to bring awareness and fight for a cause without being disrespectful. 93-year-old WWII Vet, Ernie Andrus puts everyone to shame.

“Thank you sir, you are a ‘TRUE HERO.’ Mr. Ernie Audrus, you have all my respect!” — The Watchful Mom


(Shame on Time magazine!)