Psycopathic Predators roam our kid’s college campus

On the night of April 5, 1986, a horrific  crime was committed  in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania at Lehigh University. Jeanne Clery, 19, was a victim of a violent crime.  A male student entered Jeanne’s dorm and raped and murdered her.

Three years later, on March 15, 1989, a bill was introduced in the Senate as “Student Athlete Right-to-Know-Act” by the United States Senator from New Jersey, Bill Bradley. A year later, the bill passed the Senate and the House . Then, on November 8, 1990 it was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

This law is named after Jeanne Clery, and is known as “The Jeanne Clery Disclosure Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act.”

WE should never forget Jeanne Clery and her family, as well as the countless of other victims of rape on college campuses. (Unfortunately, many victims do not report their assaults. Therefore, the actual number of rape crimes on college campuses are a lot higher.)

Every year a new study is released and reveals the rape stats on college campuses. One victim is one too many. The laws are not working! The laws are too weak!

JeanneClery NEVER FORGET 19-year-old, Jeanne Clery, Nov. 26, 1966 – April 5, 1986

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The Watchful Mom

Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of (a mom ANALYZING political and social issues that impact our kid's every day life.) She advocates the need for lawmakers to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, and she also advocates the need for all parents to create a strong, loving family bond with their kids.

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