Kids Need To Understand That Violent Protests Are Against The Law

I-am-convinced-that-knowledge-is-power“VIOLENT protesters do not have the right to abuse our police officers that are trying to protect and keep LAW-ABIDING citizens safe.” — The Watchful Mom

The anti-Trump super PAC’s are to blame for creating such an angry, hateful, VIOLENT anti-Trump movement! And these VIOLENT protesters do not have the right to abuse our police officers that are trying to protect and keep LAW-ABIDING citizens safe.

And even if we strongly disagree with a presidential candidate’s position on issues and we dislike the person to the point you can’t be in the same room, it is not an excuse to become a VIOLENT citizen.

Don’t stand behind super PAC’s who are spending millions of dollars on ads that promotes hateful, VIOLENT, movements.

Furthermore, a one minute television commercial can not provide enough information about a presidential candidate. The ads are just to stir up anger and hate.

Therefore, we must do research on our own. We must read and get the facts, and then we can make an intelligent decision.

With this new knowledge, we now have the right to peacefully assemble and protest, with police protection. This is the example we want to set for our kids, and this is the future we want for our kids.

The video below is disappointing. VIOLENT protests are wrong!


The Watchful Mom Profile Picture by THE WATCHFUL MOM — APRIL 3, 2016

Another violent video showing VIOLENT anti-Trump protesters. And again, the local government has failed to protect law abiding, tax paying citizens.

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The Watchful Mom

Carla — Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of (a mom ANALYZING political and social issues that impact our kid's every day life.) She advocates the need for lawmakers to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, and she also advocates the need for all parents to create a strong, loving family bond with their kids. -- Most importantly Carla is a wife, mother of two teenage boys, caregiver to her 86-year-old mom, and a mom to 4 rescued dogs and 1 feral cat.

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