Attention Lawmakers! Citizens are asking, “When will child abductions end!?” A 15-year-old girl was abducted walking to a school bus stop, a 9-year-old boy was abducted walking to his friends house….

national crime prevention  What You Can Do To Prevent Child Abductions

  • 15-year-old Pearl Pinson – Will Pearl’s abduction finally get the attention of our lawmakers?

We need our local police patrolling our neighborhoods and protecting our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators.

We must end child abductions. Make your voices be heard! Our lawmakers must LISTEN to the families and help!

Published by

The Watchful Mom

Carla — Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of (a mom ANALYZING political and social issues that impact our kid's every day life.) She advocates the need for lawmakers to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, and she also advocates the need for all parents to create a strong, loving family bond with their kids. -- Most importantly Carla is a wife, mother of two teenage boys, caregiver to her 86-year-old mom, and a mom to 4 rescued dogs and 1 feral cat.

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