Evil Is Evil. It’s That Simple.

Our responsibility as parents (and as a community) is to protect our innocent kids and keep them safe. Equally important, both our lawmakers and our criminal justice system have a professional obligation to keep our community safe from violent predators.

As of today, heinous news regarding child abductions, an Innocent Child Murder and A Killer with a VIOLENT history plague our society. Therefore, anyone who allows a known psychopathic, VIOLENT predator (some with a repeat criminal record) into our kid’s community has failed to protect our kids.

“Our kids will never be safe as long as our justice system  allows cruel and inhuman predators to roam our neighborhoods.” — The Watchful Mom

Furthermore, as soon as the killer is arrested, we have lawyers and activists fighting for the killer’s human rights.

“Evil is evil, and the inhuman killer cannot become the victim!” — The Watchful Mom

Human rights are for law-abiding, moral citizens. The fact of the matter is the killer planned, calculated and found an innocent child to murder. Regardless, if the killer was abused as a child, or on drugs, or had some traumatic head injury, the killer lacks empathy and is cold-hearted.

It is too late to feel any obligation to protect a cruel and inhuman killer. Without doubt, the killer must be held responsible for his evil actions. The killer must not be given the freedom to kill another child. 

This is not about vengeance (although many would vote “yes” to a hanging for such a cruel and inhuman killer) this is about justice for the victim. The child’s unconsolable family prays for justice, and prays that no other child will ever be a victim. Therefore, the only justice for a hellish murder of an innocent child is to sentence the cold-hearted, inhuman killer to a strict life in prison without parole, or the death penalty.

No matter what the punishment may be for the inhuman killer, the horrid pain the killer has caused for the grief-stricken family will never go away: however, they desperately want justice for the murder of their precious, innocent child. Therefore, every day they force themselves to sit in the same courtroom with the cold-hearted killer and listen to the prosecuting attorney present the horrific case of their murdered child.

The prosecuting lawyer dedicated many hours fighting to seek justice for the innocent child. The family’s tortured, crying hearts pray that our justice system will not fail them. Finally, the psychopathic killer is found guilty by a jury. Justice was served!

Then, an appellate lawyer decides to fight for an appeal for the psychopathic killer. How can the appellate lawyer ignore the horrific murder committed by an inhuman killer? How can the appellate lawyer feel sympathy and empathy for the killer and make a commitment to fight for a reversal or a sentence reduction for the killer?

How is protecting the rights of an inhuman killer, with a known VIOLENT criminal background, more important than justice for the murder of an innocent child? How is giving an inhuman killer the highest quality of representation morally correct? (Keep in mind the killer is not paying for his defense lawyers. We the taxpayers are paying for the killer’s defense team.)

Now, an appellant lawyer dedicates many hours preparing the killer’s case documents and appeals the killers case to the appellate court. The judge overrules the trial court’s decision. Where is the compassion, sympathy and empathy for the grief-stricken family?tombstone2

This incomprehensible, ruthless lack of conscience from the appellate lawyer and the appellant court crucifies the family’s inconsolable heart. The appellate court judges should not only make their decision on legal arguments of how the law should be applied and interpreted, but they must also make their decision on the moral arguments of how our laws failed to protect the life of an innocent child.

Our lawyers and judges must do some soul-searching. They need to ask themselves: “What if my precious, innocent, child was murdered today, by a psychopathic killer?” As for our lawmakers, they must change our primitive, weak laws, and make sure justice is served!

Here is another example how justice has failed! Taxpayers will pay the hundreds of thousands dollars for his appeal and his comfortable cell life!

Video Published on May 20, 2016


Published by

The Watchful Mom

Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of TheWatchfulMom.com (a mom ANALYZING political and social issues that impact our kid's every day life.) She advocates the need for lawmakers to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, and she also advocates the need for all parents to create a strong, loving family bond with their kids.

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