Is anyone at the DNC reading the news about the VIOLENT crimes and senseless killings that happened in the past 24 hours? There are too many heartbroken families. Thus, I continue to disagree with Michelle Obama when she said, “… Because this right now, is the greatest country on earth.”

Below is a short list of the VIOLENT crimes committed today (and there was also ANOTHER satanic terrorist attack. This time in a church, a priest in France murdered by ISIS.)

For an even sadder picture of what is going on in the “real world” take a look at HOMICIDE WATCH CHICAGO — (the map page with the red balloons mark will break your heart.)

  1. “… drive-by shooting19-year-old died at scene.” According to, July 27, 2016.

  2. “… man playing “Pokemon Go” robbed of his cell phone and shot several times.” According to Dayton Daily News, July 27,2016.

  3. “… Man uses power spray to blast carjacking attempt at car wash [had disabled veteran brother inside car].” According to KCBD.COM, July 27, 2016.

  4. “… young mother of two, was shot to death...” According to, By Rummana Hussain Chicago Sun-Times, July 27, 2016.

  5. “… standing on sidewalk 18-year-old killed, 13-year-old boy shot in both legs, 17-year-old boy shot in the left shoulder, 45-year-old man sitting on a front porch shot, 20 year-old woman standing in alley was shot in back, 50-year-old man shot in the arm while standing in front of a home, 29-year-old woman shot, 29-year-old man walking was shot, 51-year-old woman walking into a home shot in the right leg.” According to, July 27, 2016.

  6. “… two soldiers killed while protecting woman from alleged gunman.” According to, By Char Adams, July 27 2016

  7. “… man with a long criminal history (that includes drug offenses and robbery with a firearm) attempts to break into home…” According to, By Brian Ballou and Dylan Bouscher, July 27, 2016

  8. “… Sheriff’s deputy stabbed by a man…” According to, By MTN News, July 27, 2016

  9. “… 90-year-old man shot on July 21 by a group of teens, died Wednesday, July 27, 2016.” According to, by Rebekah Hoeger, July 27, 2016

  10. “… man dies after being stabbed multiple times…” According to, by Seab Welsh, July 27, 2016

  11. “… my sister was stabbed 4 time…” According to, July 27, 2016.

  12. “… a man and a woman found stabbed to death... ” According to, by Michelle L. Quinn, July 27, 2016.

“This is a new era of senseless killings. Terrorists, active shooters and child killers have launched an evil attack against innocent lives. Our family’s security is at risk, and our lawmakers have failed to execute a plan to “prevent the attacks” and end the bloodshed.” — The Watchful Mom

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The Watchful Mom

Businesswoman, Founder and CEO of (a mom ANALYZING political and social issues that impact our kid's every day life.) She advocates the need for lawmakers to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, and she also advocates the need for all parents to create a strong, loving family bond with their kids.

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