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Businesswoman, She advocates the need for powerful laws to protect our kids from psychopathic, VIOLENT predators, Writer, Blogger, Founder and CEO of

Most importantly Carla is a wife, mother of two teenage boys, caregiver to her 86-year-old mom, a mom to 4 rescued dogs and 1 feral cat.

In April 2016, Carla founded The Watchful Mom. A website about an observant mom ANALYZING critically important current events and issues that have an impact on our kid’s everyday life.

The Watchful Mom’s goal is to raise awareness about our lawmakers lack of commitment to pass powerful laws to protect our kids from horrific crimes. The victim’s horrific stories will prove that our legal system has failed at protecting our kids. After all, the crime stats do not lie.

Online gaming, silly YouTube videos, Instagram, Snapchat etc., are all forms of our kid’s entertainment. Unfortunately, our kid’s innocent eyes and innocent ears will be exposed to some form of inappropriate material.

Furthermore, the power and influence social media has on our inexperience, vulnerable, naive kids is frightening. We must be aware of the dangers of social media, and educate our vulnerable kids about the web’s hidden psychopathic predators.

The Watchful Mom hopes to encourage all parents to become more involved in their kid’s life. Bonding family discussions will create a loving, respectful family home. Furthermore, in our ever threatening world, family discussions about “stranger danger” and “someone you know danger” is critical for our kids safety.

Let’s empower victims to make use of their rights so their voices are heard and justice is served.