Homelessness is another issue IGNORED by politicians. However, one compassionate 10-year old boy isn’t ignoring the homeless, and he is doing his best to help them. Bravo young man! You are a hero!

Report: Housing program helps Michigan decrease homelessness by 6%, According to Michigan Radio, by Michael Schramm, September 22, 2016.

NOTE: According to a 2015 report by Ending Homelessness in Michigan there are 69,163 homeless residents in Michigan.

. . . Yet homes are underwater in Louisiana, homes in California have been burnt to the ground, and Chicago’s gang infested neighborhoods are out of control. Yet neither politicians, big media, nor celebrities, nor billionaires talk about how to help. ALL STILL TALKING POLITICS! All suffering is ignored.

8 wounded in Chicago shootings, including 15-year-old boy, According to Chicago Tribune, By Peter Nickeas, Deanese Williams-Harris, Elvia Malagon and Megan Crepean, Auguste 19, 2016

Photo gallery: Chicago crime scenes

Firefighters Gain Ground on California’s Blue Cut Fire; Some of 82,000 Evacuees Allowed Home

Catastrophic Floods In Louisiana Have Caused Massive Housing Crisis

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Dogs displaced in Louisiana flooding arrive at Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Thursday morning


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No one thought about race, religion or political party affiliation. Everyone’s heart felt the same: Let’s save a human’s life.

WATCH: Dramatic video shows people forming human chain to rescue woman caught in flash flood — Good Morning America (@GMA) July 31, 2016

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