“Our family’s security is at risk. How are we suppose to ‘go about our business’ and not worry about future mall stabbings, school stabbings, vehicle-ramming attacks, bombs and mass shootings?” — The Watchful Mom

“History also tells us that it is evil for human beings to embrace movements that encourage hatred and murder. The last 5 words of the National Anthem: ‘the home of the brave.’ We must never fail to preserved our peaceful nation.” – The Watchful Mom


Fighting violent crime proactively

Why are lawmakers not working toward passing strict laws to protect our kids and our neighborhoods from VIOLENT crimes? All tax paying, law-abiding citizens must tell our federal, state and local governments that they have failed at protecting our kids and our neighborhoods from VIOLENT crimes. Our kids are no longer safe walking to a school bus stop, or walking home from school. We voted for you, so now please do your job and protect our kids! — The Watchful Mom

In a discussion regarding the need for more police staff at a recent city budget session, Newton Police Chief Eric Murphy andDeputy Chief Craig Dunlavy mentioned the need for more police officers.According to a Police Report Murphy presented to the commission at a recent meeting, those Newton Police officers already on staff are working substantial overtime hours and more officers are needed to combat an uptick in Part I and violent crimes.While Newton Police’s Lt. of Support Services, Bryan

Source: Fighting violent crime proactively

Father’s Day – A Happy Day for Many Families, But Also a Tearful Day for Many.

Today, June 19, 2016, Father’s Day, is a very happy day for many families. Many cards are given to dads saying: “You’re the best father in the world, #1 Daddy, and I Love You Very Much Daddy! etc.”

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