A mom analyzing what kids are exposed to in their daily life.

A parent’s ultimate goal is to teach their kids moral, healthy values. We give them unconditional love and provide them with a safe and secure environment. This is all necessary for our kid’s healthy mind development. It’s hard work, but our kids will grow up to be a happy, successful, responsible citizen.

Unfortunately, a simple google search on “juveniles + crime” displays rows of depressing and sickening page titles. The appalling descriptions under each page title reveals the sad reality of violent crimes committed to kids, or violent crimes committed by kids.

Furthermore, government reports indicate an increase of violent crimes occurring this very minute. I can’t believe our government refuses to address the crimes in our kid’s schools and neighborhoods. We work so hard to create a safe and secure home environment, and the government fails to create a safe and secure nation for our kids! The stats do not lie.

Of course, it is true, that parents already have enough worries from the pressure of work, money, and the responsibilities that come with our daily family life ups and downs.  Now, to add to our worries, we have a horrifying fear of some psychopath, predator harming our kids at their school, or in their neighborhood!

For that reason, it’s a total shame that the anti-Trump super PAC spent millions of dollars to create such an angry, hateful “Never Trump” movement. What a total waste of money! What if those same millions of dollars went to create a “Keep Our Kids Safe” movement?

Then, on Tuesday, April 27, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (who also received millions of dollars from super PACs) tweeted, “Imagine a tomorrow. . . .” Well, I have lost all hope for tomorrow.

Once again, another simple google search on “neighborhood + crime + stats” displays rows of depressing page titles. Many reports reveal the crimes committed in our neighborhoods. We must find and catch predators and put them away today! Our government has let our kids down. The stats don’t lie.

In spite of all the crime statistics, politicians continue talking about the issues. Politicians continue to make false PROMISES on how they will improve our lives if they are elected. Well, I am also tired of waiting and hoping for a safer tomorrow for our kids.

Furthermore, we should not allow the super PACs to manipulate us and tell us what we should protest. WE should not stand behind the super PACs who choose to spend millions of dollars to create negative, unproductive, violent movements.

Indeed we should protest, but it must be a PEACEFUL protest. Let’s express our dissatisfaction on how our government has failed our kids in so many ways! Let’s spend our precious time and energy on a positive “Keep Our Kids Safe” movement.

Our protest signs should read:


We should not stand behind the super PACs who give millions of dollars to any politician who tells us to imagine a tomorrow. Again, what if the mega-donor millionaires supported a GOP candidate who actually worked to create powerful laws to protect our kids from horrific crimes?A MOM ANALYZING ISSUES THAT IMPACT OUR KID’S LIFE.

Teen Driving… The Next Dangerous Chapter In Our Kid’s Life!


  • Some parents are too relaxed when it comes to their teen driving.
  • Many teens don’t understand the dangers of tailgating, speeding, texting, reading, eating while driving, driving drunk, driving high, goofing around while driving….
  • Teens do not fear the “Drunk Driving Law”

The emergency information message we see on highways “TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR” is a sad reminder of how some parents lost their child, or a family who lost a loved one. We must have more awareness of the growing number of teen traffic deaths and also include the traffic deaths caused by a teen driver.

A prayer for all the families that have lost a loved one in a car accident.


School Shootings… A Horrifying Reality That Our Kids Must Deal With Everyday They Go To School!

  • Our government and all our leaders have done nothing to ensure that our schools are safe for our kids.
  • Many politicians just talk, talk, talk and make promises after promises about how they will protect our kids.
  •  Today, we still have school shootings.
  • Our government has failed in protecting our kids
  • Tax  Payers money should be used for protecting our schools, but where is all the tax payer money going?   13 Silliest Uses of Taxpayer Money

Sadly, there will be more school shootings. I’m tired of hearing our politicians say, “We have got to address…” All that means to me is talk, talk, talk. We must have action right now and do something today. Unfortunately, there will be other school shootings. More innocent children will die and more staff members will again make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the children.

Shame on our government.  Too bad for us that “gun control/responsibility” is such a sensitive issue to our politicians. Our lawmakers can not or will not agree on how to keep our kids and staff members safe at school. How many more innocent lives will be taken from us because of school shootings?

A sincere prayer for the children, staff, and families of every school that experienced such a horrific act of shooting violence.  These brave faculty members that sacrificed their lives protecting the children will always be remembered.