Homelessness is another issue IGNORED by politicians. However, one compassionate 10-year old boy isn’t ignoring the homeless, and he is doing his best to help them. Bravo young man! You are a hero!

Report: Housing program helps Michigan decrease homelessness by 6%, According to Michigan Radio, by Michael Schramm, September 22, 2016.

NOTE: According to a 2015 report by Ending Homelessness in Michigan there are 69,163 homeless residents in Michigan.

There are so many other ways to bring awareness and fight for a cause without being disrespectful. 93-year-old WWII Vet, Ernie Andrus puts everyone to shame.

“Thank you sir, you are a ‘TRUE HERO.’ Mr. Ernie Audrus, you have all my respect!” — The Watchful Mom


(Shame on Time magazine!)

Speeds reach 60 mph during police chase through Warren neighborhoods  

A Warren man accused of leading police on a pursuit through residential neighborhoods Tuesday afternoon faces several criminal charges and traffic violations.

Source: Speeds reach 60 mph during police chase through Warren neighborhoods

  • 22-year-old was already wanted on two previous warrants
  • charged with carrying a concealed weapon (loaded 9mm handgun)
  • failure to comply with police orders
  • driving without a license
  • failing to use turn signals

“What if the 22-year-old killed an officer? What if the officer killed the 22-year-old? What if the 22-year-old killed an innocent bystander? ‘Good citizen bad citizen’ each individual must be held responsible for their own behavior. Parents must get more involved in their kid’s life. Kids must learn the difference between right and wrong. Parents and society must do better.” — The Watchful Mom



“Our family’s security is at risk. How are we suppose to ‘go about our business’ and not worry about future mall stabbings, school stabbings, vehicle-ramming attacks, bombs and mass shootings?” — The Watchful Mom

“History also tells us that it is evil for human beings to embrace movements that encourage hatred and murder. The last 5 words of the National Anthem: ‘the home of the brave.’ We must never fail to preserved our peaceful nation.” – The Watchful Mom