One lie after lie with the Clintons. Big Media REFUSES to tell Americans the truth! Our very own FBI is caught in Hillary’s web of lies. And now POTUS & First Lady lies for her too! Enough with the lies! Americans demand the truth!

Today, Michelle Obama lies for Hillary Clinton!

Haitian Americans want to tell the world about the Clintons. They want the world to know Clintons RAPED Haiti. But Big Media IGNORES them. Shameful Politics!


Brave ‘Rape Survivors’ want to tell the world about the Clintons. But Big media IGNORES them! Alicia Machado’s story and Ken Bone’s red sweater are more important to Big Media than the heartbreaking story of brave ‘Rape Survivors’ – Shameful politics!

“Why don’t y’all ask Bill Clinton that? Go Ahead, ask Hillary as well.” — Paula Jones

A lesson from Bloomberg Politics veteran reporter Mark Halperin: When a presidential candidate ignores you and avoids answering your question, simply enlist the help of a voter to ask the question.